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For me roulette is very easy to use and use very fast and for me there is almost nothing that can go wrong.

When I say, I feel better when I play roulette, or when you look at us both and we have our fingers crossed and we are like ok let us try to see if we have the luck of the roll but what I know is that no amount of luck will come when we are on the roulette table.

Do you really play roulette a lot? When you played roulette more than once? When you said, you have a lot of practice playing roulette,

I mean do you play roulette a lot? How often do you take the shot or play the next shot, or how many times do you go back and play roulette?

Yes, I usually play roulette five or ten times a month. I am not really playing roulette a lot. I mean in a month of that I play roulette for two or three times.

Are there any other games that you play frequently?

I’m not really into any other games because there is too much luck involved and like what happens is that even if you are at the right spot you know you are there in the next turn.

I mean I get on a roulette table and I think, I should be there. But like for the moment, I am probably not there.

Have you been in roulette?

No, no I’ve never been in roulette. Because at that time it is just too much trouble to try. I was playing pool to be honest with you. I was playing pool all the time. So I haven’t been in roulette for a whole year. I will go back at some stage and maybe I’ll stop in five or ten years but not now.

If you have a lot of money how can you stop playing roulette when you are broke?

I think that I could try to play roulette if I were to have more money. But what about the game? I mean it takes an hour to play it. Even playing pool it takes an hour but that’s enough to find the hole and then come back. It takes as much time to play roulette as it does to play pool. So you can’t stop playing roulette when you are broke.

Is poker a favourite game of yours?

Poker is a very old game. I remember my mother telling

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