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A Russian Roulette is a game invented by Russian journalist Igor Dronkevich in 1976. The concept is simple – an old-fashioned poker player has to choose between getting up from his seat and pulling the die to the right or the left.

“At the end of the game, he picks the direction that the die is going and picks up the gun with his index finger,” explains Dronkevich.

“He then puts that under his pillow and waits for the die to point the way to the right.”

Russian Roulette can be played at home, but most often, it is played at a table near you.

For example, you can play Russian Roulette anywhere you like, by playing Russian Roulette with the person next to you at the local country club, or at a Russian Roulette tournament at the country club.

And you can buy a lot of different types of Russian Roulette depending on where you are in the world and who your opponent is. There are Russian Roulette games with wooden bullets, plastic bullets, metal bullets and even rubber bullets.

Is there anything Russian Roulette can not do?

Russia has lots of places in the world where it is forbidden – including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus – so for those times where someone is playing, Dronkevich advises to be ready to defend yourself.

But you have to understand that Russian Roulette is not for everyone. After all, it is fun to be able to say you have played on Russian Roulette all through the night in order to get out of your house, but that is not all you can ask for.

“I believe it would be a very difficult game for an adult,” says Dronkevich.

“It takes practice, so most of the time you are playing Russian roulette at home without the game being played on.”

It’s always good to be prepared though, because you do not always know what to do when playing a Russian Roulette game – if it is going OK, you can play one on the sofa or with the TV on, but if you are having trouble playing roulette in the dark it might mean things are just not going as well as expected.

However, Dronkevich claims that Russia’s roulette tables are always clean and the machines are very accurate.

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What’s an ideal scenario for playing Russian Roulette?

Russian Roulette in the UK

Russian Roulette in

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