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All payments made with Paytm Cash are eligible for a cash refund provided your bank account is in good standing on a rolling basis for at least three (3) months from the date of the payment.

How many Paytm Cash withdrawal/debit cards can I apply for?

The limit of one (1) Paytm Cash withdrawal/debit card is applicable only to those who are depositing/withdrawing cash in their bank accounts. We will not refund funds to the depositor’s bank account.

What is the maximum amount of Paytm Cash a client will be able to withdraw / deposit during a single calendar month?

The maximum withdrawals/deposits which can be done in a calendar month will be set at Rs.1.25 lakh on a cashback basis while the maximum withdrawals/deposits which can be done under the 1 1/1 card will be Rs.8 lakh on a cashback basis.

Who is eligible for the Paytm Cash/1 1/1 Card?

A client who is depositing/withdrawing cash into their bank account is eligible for the Paytm Cash/1 1/1 Card provided they have a valid and valid banking reference. Similarly if you receive a Paytm Cash for a transaction done by someone else or for someone else’s use then that person is not eligible for the 1 1/1 card.

We also advise that a depositor whose bank account is frozen as per RBI guidance is eligible for the 1 1/1 card.

Is it possible to use Paytm Cash/1 1/1 Card with other financial institutions on a cashback basis?

Yes, if a client can show that they do not use their bank account for other financial transactions, they are eligible for the 1 1/1 card and are allowed to use this card in transactions where they receive cash on account. You won’t be able to use this card to withdraw any amounts on account. The amount returned from a debit/credit card, debit card, any other credit or any other bank will only have to be cleared by your bank in return for any cash returned from the Paytm Cash card.

What if I want a paytm cash card by cashback scheme or cashback scheme on debit card or credit?

Paytm Cash/1 1/1 card is redeemable on any credit and any debit card to any other bank. Any transaction done while a Paytm Cash card is active with

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