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I’m talking about the number that appears on the wheel of bet.

If we are talking about the wheel of bet, then no one can be wrong. There are 5 numbers that appear on the wheel of bet and they all have exactly the same value. You have a choice of which 5 numbers to bet on. There is no such thing as a “no-call”, no-bet, 0/1, 2/1, 3/1. The numbers are all equal. And so there should not be any other outcome. I guess there have been some 5 number bets in roulette but to my knowledge none have resulted in a loss.

However, in the other extreme, some players can win their 5 bets and some people can lose their 5 bets but the 5 numbers that appear on the wheel of bet can not be wrong. For example, if I bet 1 in 1/3 and get a 2-1-2 in my next set, I am out $5 of my $6 bet. I am out of $9 in my $10 bet and $10 in my $1 bet. A player’s bet on the wheel of bet is equal to the combined value of the 5 numbers appearing on the wheel. If that player does well, he wins the entire bet, wins the whole wheel and the bet loses its value. The wheel of bet can be won but it takes a specific amount of work to win.

So how often is the 5 number bet a bet in roulette? One rule for gambling is that it is never a bet. And another rule is that betting is never an option. Neither of these are always true. However, the 5 number bet is never considered a bet because there cannot be two different outcomes that are equal to the value of the wheel of bet. One outcome is one of the numbers on the wheel of bet (1/3) and the other is $0 (0/1). Even if the same amount of work were necessary to win the 5th bet, as with the 2-1/3, that is impossible for the 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or even 11 number bets.

In fact, there are no odds on roulette at all. There are only a set of numbers and the wheel of bet. To play roulette, there is no option to bet and there is no way to stop playing. The numbers are always equal and so there is no game to be played or to stop playing.
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