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You play against computers (not humans); your score is “the number of rolls that the person who played roulette did more quickly than the computer”.

So what’s going on here?

The payout for roulette is the sum of the prices paid for each of the winning combinations.

Now imagine that after a particular number of throws, the computer can match your score with the highest roll, giving each player “a little bit of hope”.

Sounds like roulette as a gambling game to me, as that’s clearly a way for people to “catch up” to you.

Why do we play roulette?

There are several legitimate reasons why people play roulette.

It’s one of the least-known gambling games; when was the last time you played?

You’ve probably never heard about how “poker stars” like Phil Hellmuth and Jeff Helms got so rich that they decided to leave the casino and invest a lot of money in the game.

You and I have likely learned about why people play roulette from movies: Casino Royale, The Borgias, The Godfather, Casino—I mean, it’s all there.

So why are some of the things we see in the movies so unrealistic?

Why do these things make people play roulette?

Why do we play Roulette?

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NERMEEN SHAIKH: We continue today’s coverage of the 2016 presidential election. We begin today in the early stages of last week’s Democratic National Convention in downtown Philadelphia. Last week, Bernie Sanders lost Wisconsin, a key state, to Hillary Clinton. In his acceptance speech, the independent senator from Vermont said the campaign was “over and done with.” But last night, his staff revealed he might not leave the race.

Bernie Sanders will address the convention in Philadelphia on Tuesday night. His backers believe Hillary Clinton has the best shot of defeating Donald Trump in November. For more, we’re joined by two guests—Joel B. Pollak, a former Democratic National Committee deputy director, and Matthew Dowd, the campaign’s former press secretary and speechwriter.

Welcome back to Democracy Now! Thanks for being with us both tonight and for all of your work in the campaign.


AMY GOODMAN: Can you explain what happened in Wisconsin? Tell us

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