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It’s called Macau. It’s the world’s largest financial centre, containing casino casinos, a massive hotel complex and a sports complex which hosts the world’s best darts games.

Is it all really what it seems?

Is it all all true? Or is one party telling a different story?

Who are the men and what do they really want?

Who are the women of power and what do they really want?

How does one get rich?

How does one earn a salary?

There’s a secret wealth scheme going on beneath the surface

And it involves the greatest power in the world, the richest casino casino in the world and a hidden world of power and sex.

The truth about Macau is out there, and the secrets it contains tell a different kind of story than the one told to the people who live here and the world-famous tourist attractions.

The story of Macau is one of love and hate, greed and sex.

When our world first saw the casino and the money, many did not understand it. They saw it as gambling. Others saw it as gambling with other people’s money.

It was no longer a game, but it was gambling, and it brought all the riches to the gambling men and women here today.

In the world today, the vast majority of people are living the good life while at the same time working in jobs they hate and have nothing to show for it.

There is a power structure at work, one that seems to favour the rich and powerful. For this reason, there seems little interest in investigating the facts. No-one wants to admit it, but a much greater percentage of people in the world today are poor than ever before.

It’s time for us to start telling the truth about Macau and who rules Macau and why.

What is the richest casino in the world?

The people on the outside have a good chance of understanding it all, whether they are from this country or not. In fact, most outside people have nothing good to say about Macau.

It is the real business of the world, its true engine of wealth and power. But we live in a time where the truth has become politically unacceptable.

So I have decided that it is time we started telling the truth about Macau to ourselves.

How did the Chinese Communist Party start to rule in Macau?

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