What was roulette originally called?

No, this was something else.

From what I heard, it was something that was very popular among the women back then.

I heard that it was gambling that you bet on a lot of things.

And there were many people who had a lot of roulette bet after having the bet and making a lot of money.

It seems like it was quite the popular thing.

‘Since I’m betting, let’s do it.’

I went and asked the merchant who was waiting there.

“Are you going to bet me, you?”

He was looking at me with an surprised expression but he did reply.

At the same time, his eyes became big when he saw me.


That day.

The merchants and I, and everyone else were preparing for the roulette on the wall.

It was my first time to have an actual bet with these goblins so I was really excited about it.

“Are you sure you want to do it?”

“……I don’t like roulette.”

I replied to him.

The merchant who I first met and who would stay the longest, was the merchant who asked me to come to the casino.

“Why do you say that? I think these goblins are not bad at all!”

“……So? I’ll take a gamble on a roulette.”

“Eh……you don’t want to do it?”

I asked back since it didn’t matter since I was also betting, but the merchant was trying to get a hint out of me.


“……Because the roulette doesn’t really have a winner.”

“If it’s not even worth it, don’t you think someone who doesn’t like it would win?”

“That’s so. That way it really won’t really hurt.”

I shrugged and said it naturally.
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I know it sounds strange but that’s because I was talking so naturally and not to the point of making a ruckus or anything.

If you really want to take one, you don’t want to just lose and say no.

“……I’ve already bet too much so it’s not worth it. I’ve bet a lot and I want to take another bet.”

“……Ah. You’re right. It won’t really take a hit. Besides