Where is the largest casino in the world?

Where is MGM at the moment? Is it about to change course? Or is it a good investment and should you buy one?

Let’s check and find out! We’ll start with one of the biggest casinos in the world: Las Vegas’ MGM Grand. If you’re thinking that this name is associated with violence, then you’re right. But let’s take it a step further.

MGM Grand opened in August 1973 and is considered the largest casino in the world at the moment (over 1,500 guest rooms, 12,000 slot machines and over 1 million square feet of gaming floor). At the time this was considered to be one of the best hotels on the Strip. You could take any course and you could play any game. We’re talking high-roller roulette and poker at the highest levels for the last 50 years or so.

So what did your life look like at this casino? Here’s my summary, which I will be referring to throughout:

If you can believe it, there was never a day that I did not win at at MGM Grand — even if I was playing a game of craps or a game of jackpot. Sometimes I won more than 10 times and at times I won less than half a dozen times. The last major problem I had at MGM Grand was with my credit card. My card had several accounts, and it would never go past $1000 with my name on it. Eventually, I paid off the entire balance of my cards (I believe it was $2-3 million). I had my credit cards for over 30 years, and over that time I had never experienced a charge of that nature. MGM Grand is a large casino so if you play a lot of games, that could very well be a problem. If you’re lucky, you don’t even pay a cent!

The gambling room is huge and very large. It feels like you are in the Taj Mahal, even though you’re at the top of a mountainside in Vegas. That fact alone would make you want to invest in a piece of land or even better, create your own casino.

MGM Grand is also home to a world-renowned casino: MGM’s Sky Harbor International. MGM Sky Harbor (as the casino is sometimes referred to) is considered the largest casino in the world, topping the Las Vegas Strip and all other casinos in terms of size.

What do we now know about MGM Grand? A lot. Here are some of the