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John Stossel

Yes: David Sirota

Yes: John Oliver

Yes: The Wall Street Journal

Yes: The New York Times

Yes: Al Gore

No: Hillary Clinton

No: Barack Obama
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How many people have they killed? I thought it was very small.

I’ve met a lot of journalists. I didn’t know a lot of journalists before. It seems almost impossible when you’re a journalist. You can write a story, you can talk to people for years and they can tell you exactly the most shocking thing they’ve ever heard, the most outrageous thing. You can’t imagine any of them, and yet, somehow, they get it.

Is it a good way to think about journalism?

No. It’s an amazing thing. It’s just so unbelievably important. You know? It’s so essential. If you’re a journalist, the job of your life is to do this. It has to be your life.

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled that a Texas law that requires businesses to provide birth control to female employees is unconstitutional, saying no one “cannot be compelled under the guise of religious beliefs to act in a way contrary to his sincerely held religious belief.”

The court struck down a law passed by state lawmakers in 2013 that the Texas courts had found to impose a “substantial burden on a right enjoyed by all individuals”—a right that was not a “fundamental” right but was “indivisible from freedom of religion and expression.” It said the law went against the principle of the Establishment Clause and against “common sense,” that it had “the primary purpose” of providing access to contraceptives for those who wanted it.

“We think the state has not proved that compelling an unwilling actor to act in a manner contrary to his sincerely held religious belief violates the Free Exercise Clause,” the court concluded.

The court’s decision is a blow to efforts by some Republican-led states to restrict reproductive rights. Last month, a judge in Indiana threw out a similar law because it could have forced some women to pay for abortions.

“Every year, more than 15,000 Americans are killed through abortion. Most abortion-related deaths are suicides — the vast majority of which are not caused by the abortion,” Jennifer Dalven, the director of health care policy at the Fordham Institute, a think tank in New York, said in a statement.


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