Why do I always lose at roulette? – Hit And Run Roulette Strategy

Well, the reason is simple.”

She sighed and took her hand away from the wheel, shaking her head. “I can only afford to play on weekends and not play with other people on the weekdays or I’d always get a bad bet.”

The girl was a bit stunned. Even though Ruby wasn’t a high class professional, she did play roulette, so that may have helped.

“It’s not just on weekends though,” Ruby stated, smiling as she turned the wheel back to show the girl the correct results.


“Because it’s always been that way, it was just that I got into it. I haven’t really gotten into using it with other people, because I prefer to win the money than the odds,” Ruby replied.

“So you still don’t play with girls?”

This time around the girl didn’t answer; she shook her head and looked at the wheel. “If I play with other girls, then it’s like going to the strip club or something.”

“You never go to the strip club?” Ruby was somewhat surprised, but she didn’t care. “Really?”

The girl just nodded as she continued to look at the wheel.

“Maybe you should. I’ll never turn someone down,” Ruby said to herself.

“Ruby, I can’t believe you’re still that immature,” the girl said, shaking her head. “What you did now is just bad manners.”

She sounded bitter. “What, do I have that right? I’m 19. It’s your turn,” Ruby retorted. “You don’t belong on the internet.”

“I know. I mean, there were other things wrong before, but now you’re talking about doing bad things.”

Ruby just smirked at the girl’s response. “You think wrong things?”

She snorted and turned back to the wheel.

“Now then.” She looked at a spot on the wheel, “Where do we go from here? I know what’s going to happen for sure.”

Ruby sighed and looked at the girl, “Go to an alcohol store, I can pay you to let you win, and you won’t be able to win until you do.”

The girl looked up at Ruby’s face as she spoke. “That’s the spirit.”

The redhead just nodded at the thought.

“So, if I don’t

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