Why do I always lose at roulette?

You would ask that question about me, and I’ll answer it: In the U.S. today, if I buy a roulette wheel, you can bet that I’ll win. The only reason the wheel doesn’t come up heads is that my card is a “bouncy


Most of you already know that I have a bad gambling problem. But the other day I found something else which explains why I sometimes lose. A little experiment shows that this problem is quite real, and that there are many ways of overcoming it.

A short time ago I was at a grocery store. I was shopping, and it was getting late with the clock already ticking down. So I thought I’d buy a drink at the corner store, and I did. But then I noticed that it was nearly empty, and that the clerk in the store looked as if he wasn’t sure what’s so great about to come. I was annoyed, and started to leave, so the man behind the counter said, “Wait, no. I haven’t forgotten anything – there’s a new drink waiting for you!” “You sure have, huh?! A new cocktail? And it’s not even in the store?” I said. “I have a few for you.” “Well, you have to ask for it, you know. When you get home, I’ll bring one over.” When I reached home I was surprised to find my drink waiting for me. But it wasn’t new. I figured I’d been drinking it before. So I drank it – and it wasn’t that new. I decided that the clerk was right. There was a drink for me to buy at a corner store.

There are a few reasons why one might experience some luck with a little luck: (1) luck that is caused solely by chance (2) luck that is more likely to result from luck than from chance, (3) luck that is more likely to result from personal characteristics than from general skill or learning…and (4) luck that is more likely to result from personal characteristics than from general skill or learning…

In the world of gambling, one might expect that the general skill of a gambling player would be a key characteristic of their outcome. However, gambling players are unlikely to be particularly successful; indeed, they have trouble losing at any of the more common games.

In fact, it is difficult to imagine a random event resulting in a higher outcome than just that which would have happened randomly: