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The story about the three men who made the best burgers of the 1990s is being turned into a documentary.

The men will meet next week in New York where they will be asked if they’d like to go along and meet the filmmakers, Mark Burnett and Diane Sawyer

The movie is titled A Burger in Every Meal, the producers are hoping for a release soon, and it comes with a limited theatrical release this February.

According to the New York Times, Burnett will tell guests he has created food that is no doubt “tasteless”, but one that has taken “tasteless” seriously since he first saw it in 1991 when he was a teenager.

(Picture: Getty)

It sounds just like his show Good Eats in which he says food is the number one reason for human beings to be hungry…

You can watch it here:

The last few days had been rough for a number of Toronto City councillors. Many saw the mayor as not a good leader, and many of their peers felt similarly about the mayor’s handling of several issues related to policing, transit and budgeting in light of his record handling of a major public works project. ( Here’s a video of Councillor Mike Layton talking about the mayor in the fall.)

In a debate last week for a new police accountability policy, Councillor Michelle Berardinetti (Ward 37 Scarborough—Rouge River) asked a good question: Should the chief of police be allowed to be “adverse to the people?”

Her question was also well-put; to some extent she agreed with some of the concerns about the current police chief, but I don’t think she was all that opposed to what was being discussed.

She could have also been a lot more direct.

On Wednesday night before the debate, Berardinetti spoke to the Star about a number of issues that are currently before council:

• The budget committee is currently discussing a variety of issues:

• The police services

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