Can you learn carpentry on your own? – Woodworking Business Card Ideas

It’s been a long time since I learned carpentry, so I’ve had to rely on my dad and older brothers over the years. I can’t learn carpentry for myself! So I look into it to be taught. I read books on basic carpentry and I do carpentry drills. Most of the time the work has to do with a garage door or window.

What’s the biggest drawback to teaching carpentry to someone else?

The biggest drawback to teaching carpentry to anyone else is, most everyone has some kind of skill, skill the other person doesn’t have. It takes a while for you to have the skills they need. The other big disadvantage is that some people aren’t very keen on learning carpentry so I often have to teach them in-person.

Do you have any tips to pass the knowledge on to your customers or friends?

I think people can learn carpentry without any special help. It’s easier than just going to school. You just have to do some simple things like making a few cuts and getting a picture of what everything looks like.

Can you teach me how to open a car door?

Do you have a good picture of what the inside of your car looks like? I’ll teach you everything needed. There is also a YouTube video for that one.

What’s the cheapest way to open a car door, with a crowbar and a hammer?

Starting A Custom Woodworking Business Plans DIY wood bed ...
A garage door opener.

Is there anything else you want to share with us? What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not working?

My favourite thing to do is watch soccer. It’s fun to watch someone score a goal and play for the crowd afterwards. I have a passion for basketball.

You can read more about Carpentry by John B. and see more of his work on his Blog Carpentry: A Beginner’s Guide at or his Portfolio page.

“Why is everyone so quick to label a political leader’s actions and motivations?”

The following piece has been reprinted on The Nation. In it, “Reclaiming Liberalism,” author William Saletan responds to the recent backlash against Hillary Clinton’s use of “smart bombs” and her recent apology on CNN regarding her Benghazi remarks:

“Why is it no big deal that Hillary Clinton went to Syria in 2012 with her daughter’s help and bombed their country’s own people, while the U.

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