Can you make a living making furniture?

Yes, I’ve made some. But it’s not quite enough. The rest of their income comes from renting.

The question here is whether to buy or to rent?

I don’t know what to answer here. All I know is that it costs more to rent.

When did you decide to buy the house?

When I moved, I wanted to save up for the bigger dream. But in the meantime I took out the loan just to be ready — a lot of people did that. But I was really not in the mood to be very careful. I thought I would buy the house in a little over one year’s time and that was what I bought.

When you moved in to the house and you found out the price, was it a shock?

I don’t know for sure. I remember there was a few days where it looked pretty good. The neighbors were complaining about dust mites and mold. It was really a bad time for my home.
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But what would have been good about it was that you get to take care of the house for the first couple of years?

Yeah, there would have been a lot of things I’d like to have back, especially since I got the mortgage. Also, it’s not like I’d be living in it. I’m living in a three-bedroom apartment. I have a room in my house for my children’s school. I have a second bedroom for myself and my dog.

Are you concerned you’ll want to move out soon?

I’m afraid not. I’m only 30, so I don’t see why I’d want to move any time soon. But at the same time I don’t feel like I can afford the place. So I’m probably gonna go out and rent it out for three or four months and see if it holds out. For now I feel better. I’m moving in with my ex-husband, so it was a nice feeling. He’s a really great guy.

Did you take it easy for the couple from Brooklyn to put down the mortgage? Did they ask how much you were paying?

I don’t know about asking them. Maybe — maybe? But they didn’t make any requests. I didn’t ask. When I bought the house, I could see from looking and talking that it was too big to take care of.

Did they tell you that? That they had to pay rent or put down the mortgage