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MORGANTOWN, W. Va. — Three people were killed last night when a car they were working on flipped over on the I-80 overcrossing just south of Mt. Airy State Park, causing extensive damage to their bodies, officials said.

It’s the second fatal accident in less than a week in the region just a few hours after an apparent suicide attempt.

The drivers, two men about 32 and 35, were killed Saturday night when the car rolled and came to rest against the guardrail along the interstate, which carries I-80 onto the nearby Greenbrier State Park.

The cause of the crash was not immediately known.

At least 30 vehicles were stopped along the highway when the black car rolled, said Robert Hosee, West Virginia’s public information officer.

“It appeared that everyone was trapped. They were trapped, they were dead. And I don’t know exactly what the cause is. They certainly seemed to be stuck,” Hosee said.

He also called the accident “a pretty tragic event.”

State police said the men, a father of one and son of another, died of apparent blunt force trauma. Another man was also pronounced dead at the scene.

Police officers and firefighters rushed to the area to help the trapped people, and officials did not know if anyone had been found.

State police spokesman Lt. Jay McKee said officers found the two in the car at the overcrossing and they had died.

At least 20 emergency vehicles, state police troopers and EMTs responded last night.
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It was another case of a fatal accident involving work crew vehicles on I-80 in the state this year.

On Jan. 15, a work truck crushed the rear end of a tractor-trailer on I-80 with a flatbed truck. The driver was not hurt.

In December, a construction worker working for R.N. Burt Construction and the Southwestern Bell and Southern Coal Company on I-80 found a box on top of his work trailer and became trapped on the interstate.

He was rescued after several hours, but had a broken shoulder and was airlifted to a hospital, police said.

State officials have said there have been no accidents on I-80 in two to three weeks and that the traffic in

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