Can you make money selling wood projects? – Self Employed Woodworker Salary

If you can sell wood…

I used to sell wood. I used to go door to door selling wood. I was the world’s most successful professional wood seller ever.

How did you get started?

Well, I started to make my living from selling wood. Before I did it, I had an electrical engineer father to support me in that, but after he died, I had no one to take care of me financially. So I had to have me something else to pay the bills.

How did you change your approach?

I changed my mindset to become a person who made his living off wood. I made that a big part of my life. I didn’t want to have anything but wood to make my living off. I started a business called The Woodman of the World. I had more than 20 employees when I started, but now about two to three employees.

What business models/methodologies did you use?

I used lots of different business models. I used to sell through door to door wood, but over the years, I stopped selling door to door wood. I don’t want to get sued by door door wood, but I wanted to sell wood. I also tried to sell through a website called Woodwork Direct which has now been shut down. In my opinion you have to be successful for this to help. I used to be able to sell it directly to people on the website, but that had no money or anything to support it. I wanted to be able to sell wood to people that are interested, but I couldn’t do it.

How does the business differ to what you could do as a solo professional?
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I made a lot of money selling wood. It wasn’t money that I could spend on other things. My whole life I had to take care of everything by myself or rely on people like my father or grandfather. I also had a business, so I felt I had some responsibility. If you look at my business, the most successful thing was my house.

How many employees did you have?

My employees were my family members. They paid their own bills, and if somebody was sick or needed care, they would help them.

How many people did you hire?

I had 20-30 employees.

How many companies/accounts did you open?

My last one was still standing.

What are you currently running?

I am currently running The Wood

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