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I guess it depends. As a matter of definition, “razor” is a handleless tool. That being said, there is enough in common that the miter saw is a logical next step for both. The differences for me are as follows:

Razors use a rotating blade while miter saws use a cutting edge.

Razors have less leverage which in turn makes it easier to maintain the line on the miter saw.

Razors have more weight which means that the miter saw blade can’t grip as well as a blade with less surface area.

Razors have a much more complicated blade geometry that will cause any miter saw operator to be a little more cautious.

Razors use a rotating blade which allows you to make very intricate cuts, while miter saws cannot cut as intricate and will require you to make more precise cuts.

Razors have a large handle/shoulder size which is harder on a hand that isn’t used to using the handle and moving the blade so carefully.

A miter saw blade has a thin steel blade that needs to be pushed into the blade guide where it can rotate to keep it from moving when cutting. A razor blade requires some force to move it into a place where it doesn’t move when cutting.

I have used the miter saw to miter two small pieces of hardwood from 4-foot lengths into an 8 by 12 foot square for two reasons:

1) I like the idea of splitting and joining hardwoods that a miter saw could probably do fine. They are much more forgiving than solid woods and the miter saw cuts much faster than a miter saw and I can go in and out with ease.

2) The miter saw cuts much wider and faster than a saw blade so I can get more precise and longer cuts and the razor blades would work better on hard woods. I have had some people say that the miter saw is a pain in the ass to use for some reason or the blade won’t cut straight with a razor blade but the problem is that the razor blades will make very accurate cuts, with all your cutting power, that simply won’t happen with miter saws.

The razors work great for my miter saw and give me the flexibility to use a miter saw or a miter saw blade. I’ve been using one for about a month now and have a lot of

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