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A new study led by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides the first evidence showing that a vaccine against the Zika virus is making headway in preventing birth defects in the Zika-infected Americas.

Zika Virus and Pregnancy

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What is the Zika virus? Zika virus is a virus that causes severe microcephaly – a condition characterized by abnormally small heads and brain damage – in infants born to infected mothers. The virus has been found in Zika-infected babies in Brazil as well as in a case study published in The Lancet, which found a positive correlation between infection with Zika, microcephaly, and severe birth defects in babies born to mothers living in an area where Zika is circulating.

What causes microcephaly? Microcephaly is one of the most common causes of newborns’ death in Brazil; the most common causes of birth defects (apart from Down syndrome) are: malformations of the skull and brain resulting in lack of brain tissue volume. The most often observed birth defects in newborns of mothers with infection with Zika virus are microcephaly, heart defects, and other brain abnormalities. (Zika virus causes milder symptoms or no known effect; it is only associated with microcephaly in those who are infected; a pregnant mother does not need to be concerned.) Zika infection of an unborn baby can lead to lifelong problems for the baby, including a lower IQ and reduced ability to read, develop language, and follow developmental milestones. Microcephaly can also cause developmental delay or intellectual disability in the children.

What is the impact of Zika? Birth defects are the leading cause of premature death in Brazil. Researchers know the risk of pregnancy and birth defects is extremely small (around 1-2 percent), but the CDC says there is a good reason why Zika is most common in Latin America: Zika is linked to the local Zika virus which is transmitted through mosquitoes (that spread the virus) and may live on the placenta. In areas where Zika is circulating, most children with microcephaly are born prematurely and infected within weeks of

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