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An Ohio man is facing a first degree murder charge in the shooting death of a police officer.

Authorities at the scene are trying to determine why it happened. The suspect was taken into custody late Monday.

Officer Matthew McFarland was shot in the head at a Dayton home.

Police say McFarland was responding to a burglary call when he was shot. He was shot at least six times and is described as a five-foot-ten and 130 pounds.

McFarland came in contact with the suspect, who police say had a gun, while he was on foot patrol. The suspect then shot McFarland and dragged his body to the front lawn.

Police were unable to locate the suspect when they responded to the incident.

Middlesex County Prosecutor Jeffrey Ashton said the incident is an example of the danger of officers being out in the public.

“The safety of our officers is a top priority for me. I was very disturbed to hear of this incident as it unfolded,” said Ashton.

Officials are not releasing the suspect’s name as he is a juvenile.

In the video, we see a man sitting in front of a wall of his own creation, creating a sculpture from Lego pieces, a process that could make the man one of the internet’s most successful artists. What you don’t see, perhaps, is that he also made the sculpture from a whole lot more Lego bricks.

There can’t possibly be the same person behind each piece, and so each Lego piece is completely original, according to the creator of Lego Mindstorms.

“This is the best Lego,” says creator Kevin Kelly, a former MIT professor.

“I am not the best builder in the world, but what I am known for is that I am very careful and thoughtful about every single detail of the project. Not a single element of the Lego Mindstorms model is copied in any way from anything else. It’s like a piece of art that belongs to every Lego fan.”

This is exactly what makes Lego Mindstorms unique. Kelly can’t make anything else look identical to it.

“I want this to be my work and my life,” Kelly says. “You won’t find anything similar. I want

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