How can I make more money with woodworking? – How To Market Wood Products

A large part of buying wood is getting the right piece of wood for the job.

With so much variety in wood, there are numerous ways to sell it. For example:

You can be like a real shop and buy the entire species and cut the appropriate pieces to fit your project.

You can be like a real shop and shop for your particular project by identifying and ordering from a trusted source.

You can search craigslist or elsewhere to find suppliers that actually carry wood products you need and can sell.

You can buy a lumber/wood stock or buy a table saw and joinery kit to build your own woodworking shop.

You can just buy a bunch of pieces and then build your woodworking shop!

To make a little more money with woodworking, you can start with the basic methods in this book and add in the things in the book that will help you make more money with woodworking.

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