How can I make more money with woodworking?

Check out my website, and my blog where I talk about many of the topics I discuss on my blog, and how to sell wood or furniture.

I also recently published a book called The Woodworkers Apprentice: How to Build Your Own Shop using Craftsman Tools – it’s the ultimate guide written to help people succeed both in building your own shop and in the construction industry. I also have a second edition of my book, The Woodworkers Apprentice (2nd Edition with more workbooks and bonus material) that you can get at Amazon.

Are all books on the Woodworking trade from Craftsman Publications?

I have many of their books, but not all. I do have one book that is by Craftsman – The Wood Working Handbook. That book is still current for many years and available for purchase at Amazon.

Other books I have listed:

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Shop Tour // Small WoodShop Layout - YouTube
You can check out the new display in the following videos:

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