How do I start a small woodworking shop?

I’ve always wanted to start a woodworking shop. When I started doing woodworking, there were no tools like milling machines, saws, chisels, etc. It was a hard learning curve and many of my friends were like, “Yeah, I can do this, but you have to take all those books, all those books.” And I would be like, “What, you want me to take all those books in here?” But then my woodworking teacher at UMass said, “Okay, you can take them all in here, like this,” and he gave me all the instructions to do this. So I’m like, “Okay, I’ll take all those books.” I started off with an Ikea table saw, but the shop had a table saw but I didn’t want to drill the holes. So when I finally got a shop, I just went through my books and started doing all of those things. One thing, maybe I’ve been too nice, is that as a young person I wanted to have all the skills at the beginning, but after doing woodworking, I don’t want to have all of those skills all I guess. But I want to have all of them, so my goal has been to just have all of them at a young age, and to get my hands around the machine. So now I’m like, “Here’s all of my books, here’s all my books so you can find it and go through it.” Just like you do with any book, so I can just take it to my shop and go through. I can tell you I don’t think of it like we have to do something every day. Here’s just a day in my life where I’ll learn and do it and here are the steps to do it. Once you start, you learn it as you go. I’ve been doing it the whole time. It’s very simple. You set up the right shop, you go start doing your stuff, and maybe you’ll get a few mistakes along the way. But I don’t have anybody else to blame but myself. I don’t know, maybe the world is coming to an end and they just stopped making things. Why did they stop making them? It wasn’t because we had things that were falling apart or it was because there was a shortage of resources or things that would come into a shop no matter what or you had to take up all of these things. There’s a whole bunch of things that are different. I think we
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