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This was my second year teaching and I was asked a question about what a good price for a piece of wood would be for a person that needed more than one wood working project to do for a long time. There are only a few good options in an average American home. I know, it’s tough on people to make decisions for themselves when you have to think twice about who or what will be the best use of your time.

I told my students that in order to make the most money as a woodworker, you need to think about your family first. For $150 you will be paying a lot more for that job than someone spending the same amount just because they can. Remember to plan for a longer term of your woodworking in the area you are going to be working in. A friend of mine lives in a tiny village in a small country, in the middle of nowhere. He has a house that is only a year old that is in very good condition. His family was not involved with the woodworking and is buying some of the wood from him. I know he spends a lot of time at Woodcraft and he can make an amazing amount of money so he needs to have somewhere to do woodworking. If he wanted to stay in town he could stay in another state but he doesn’t want to go that far and leave his friends and family behind. This would be the best use of his time for a long time. My students often ask me what type of woodworking projects I recommend for people but don’t realize the extent of the work that goes into the finished product. If you need wood for your woodworking needs you should invest a small amount at the beginning and build up your skill. You don’t have to spend the money right away. Be patient and build up your skills until you can confidently work within your ability.

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