How much can you make as a woodworker?

With a decent level of woodworking skills and experience, a home workshop can easily cover a year’s salary. Woodworking is not a profession that is easy to earn quickly. It takes years of practice and study. This means that an aspiring woodworker will need to be an expert in all aspects of woodworking. With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten most common jobs for people who want to get into woodworking, sorted by skill level.

The following ten are the best jobs for anyone who loves woodworking!

Ten Most Common Jobs for Anyone Who Loves Woodworking

1. Woodworker

If you want to get serious about woodworking, you’ll need to get your hands dirty and learn a lot about every woodworking tool and how it works. The number 1 most popular job for anyone who hates working with their hands, whether it be a shop assistant, a tradesman, or a home artist, is the woodworker. This is not necessarily for a lack of interest, but because you have limited options. The vast majority of woodworkers will need to spend the first part of their career working with their hands, so getting started is a must.

2. Carver

Woodworker jobs are not a great place to start. Carved timber is a difficult material on more than one level. To cut into one piece of this material, you need two hands and strong tools. Carving requires many years of practice, and the skill set you need for such a job.

3. Lumberjack

Lumberjacks are the first jobs many students get into before they graduate, but they don’t last long. A lumberjack’s job consists of cutting and stacking logs of various sizes, to the tune of large piles. After that, they use these piles to build things like houses, buildings and more. As a trade, a lumberjack can only work with logs as large as they can actually cut off from trees.

4. Moulder
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The moulder is one of the most coveted Woodworking jobs. Moulder workers are responsible for a wide range of jobs throughout the shop – wood or stone cutting, sawing logs or stone, or carving or shaping stone, stone or wood.

5. Sawyer

Woodworkers who work in sawyers are responsible for making sure the work surface is safe at all times, and it’s important that every tool they use is in very good condition. This means