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What is this?

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Who are the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)?

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was written by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. It is amended to become the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. It was signed into law by Democratic President Bill Clinton on December 23, 1990. The ADA was designed to make sure that every American with a disability benefits from a comprehensive disability program to eliminate the discrimination that people with disabilities face in the workplace today.

What is the ADA?

The Americans With Disabilities Act, also known as the Disabilities Act, provides legal protections to people with disabilities and defines these protections to include basic, such as the use of wheelchairs, the use of assistive hearing apparatuses, and the use of assistive physical modifications. The ADA is about more than one person’s rights, it is about fairness and equality for all people with disabilities.

Are there any other things that might be considered as “disabilities”?

The ADA can also apply to certain activities, but it must specifically include people with disabilities to meet its obligations. A disability may include physical (disease) or mental (emotional) impairments, physical impairments that are not obvious enough to require a person to use a wheelchair (e.g. the use of a prosthetic leg, which may be visible due to the prosthesis), and disabilities that are so severe (they impair a person’s independence or ability to perform a significant portion of the person’s day to day activities).

What is the ADA for people with a disability?

If they are legally blind, deaf, or have a permanent low vision, for example, they are considered “persons with a physical or mental impairment.” If they have a visual, hearing, or motor handicap, they are considered “motor.” If they need one person in their life to participate in all of their daily activities to participate in education or work, or if they are too elderly or too disabled to perform these activities, they are considered a “special needs” person. If you are a person with a disability and would like to file a claim.

Can the ADA apply to non-disabled people in the same way

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