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There is no official government way to measure the true cost of woodworking. Although woodworker salaries are not disclosed publicly, one estimate put the average income made by a woodworker at about $10,000 per year.

How much does a woodworker make in Canada?

Average annual salary is $15,000, although the average is typically higher in southern and eastern regions.

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This webpage is not a complete listing of woodworking suppliers in Canada, so if you are a woodworker looking for skilled trades, woodworking equipment, or a woodworking job or business then you may want to search this site for the name of a supplier or visit the suppliers listed on this website for more information.

A good source of woodwork tools and equipment

When you need a woodworking tool, you need to know it has been tested to meet the specific specifications and specifications of the company making it.

When you need woodworking equipment, you have to know it contains wood-based products that meet the specific specifications of the company manufacturing it.

A good source of woodworking instruction books

As a contractor, do you need to own or rent woodworking instruction books? If so, you may also be interested in a book from Woodwork Publications.

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