How much money does a woodworker make a year?

For most woodworkers, that question is meaningless. But there is one small area of the woodworking business where “one good year” of woodworking is more valuable, and that’s when you have a successful business with lots of customers.

Woodworking businesses typically don’t come into being for the money, unless you like to make high-quality items and customers. Woodworking does not have to be the first job, if you can establish your business on your own terms.

The first thing to understand about making money with woodworkers is that the first thing you need, whether it’s with wooden furniture making, carving, or any other type of woodworking business, is customer support.

If you look closely at the woodworking business books you will see many who will tell you that customers make the big bucks with woodworkers.

The problem with this concept is that a salesperson who gives your clients false hope is a business that should be closed. A business should only make money with customers, and a business that promises more than it can deliver is a bad business.

The other thing to understand about salesmanship is the difference between salesmanship and advertising.

Salesmanship is something that happens within the shop and is something that the customer expects. For woodworking, it’s the difference between a customer who calls and asks, “Will you make your table?” versus someone who calls and says, “Would you like to see another table finished?”

Advertising is something that is made for the business that you’re selling to. This often includes flyers and pamphlets, but can also include television commercials. You need to understand where your customers are, what they are looking for, and how your products are going to serve what they want. Advertising is much different than what you see in the shops of woodworkers.

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If yes, then you have a decent starting point to evaluate what type of money your woodworking business should make with customers, and what other types of money you should expect to make.

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The most important thing you need to know when taking a business course or joining a trade is business ethics.

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