Is it cheaper to build your own furniture? – Woodworking Businesses

Yes, it is cheaper to do it yourself in general. And many people are much happier doing that now that they understand the cost of building with a machine.

How can I protect my home from falling furniture?

There are many things you can do to keep furniture from moving in certain areas of your home. You can:

1) Keep in mind how the furniture can break so you can plan around that. I also have a post dedicated to furniture in my home.

2) Buy special-made furniture that you don’t have the strength to move yourself. For more information on this see my post How to get more furniture for less money. As you know, a very sturdy piece of furniture will probably take a lot longer to move and will tend to wear out sooner and harder. I would recommend to buy some really strong furniture for the home, rather than buying furniture that is designed to be knocked around.

3) Keep an eye on the local health department. For example, many of them recommend taking the floor away and storing it in a closet until you move to a new place. I find that a lot of furniture breaks sooner when used in apartments where there is more space. If in doubt, get a copy of the local health department’s list of furniture with instructions on how to take it apart so you have an idea of how to take your furniture apart.

What is the best new app that shows how awesome you really are? I’m looking at you, Foursquare.

At first glance, Foursquare looks like the perfect app that people will come to for all of their travel, location & social media needs. That’s certainly what the app looks like in the app store.

What it does, however, is a little different. Instead of telling people where they are, Foursquare provides a map that shows you how many people are in a location based on distance. This means that while you may not feel it’s a necessity, someone you talk to in a coffee shop or public library may find it useful.

The downside to this is that users don’t always use the map to find out information about the people they have been speaking to, making Foursquare useless for the most basic of travel needs. It’s not even an optimal app.

On the other hand, Foursquare has a massive following, making it a perfect tool for bloggers looking to get their latest hits noticed.

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