Should I buy a miter saw or table saw? – Carpentry Business Near Me Sharpening

The miter saw will allow you to eliminate the middleman that currently limits the selection of saw blades of all types. The saw blade needs to be sharpened frequently, and the quality of material and construction needs to be excellent. Some miter saws are even self-cleaning.

The miter saw is best for small projects – like cutting a 1/4-inch square hole into a 1/2-inch diameter board and using a 1-inch angle grinder to create a neat edge.

The table saw will speed up your job for bigger projects. You can start with a 5- to 7-inch square using a table saw or an edge grinder on a bench and chop with a table saw or rasp. And with a table saw or a router table, you can carve out a 6-inch circle using a router.

Should I buy an ax?

Not unless you plan to do a lot of woodworking. If you plan to cut small projects, then an inexpensive pocket level will give you the best value.

Axes come in handy for trimming small corners or cutting through splashes of water. Axes work for small projects, as well as for cutting the wood for larger projects.

But if you want to cut the wood for some larger projects, then an expensive woodworking saw is best for you.

For tips on choosing the correct axes, see Choose A Woodworker’s Saw.

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