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Can anyone do it without a full-time, full-time job?

I have the same question. I have a full-time day job. I also have a part-time and a part-time and I do it my way.

A lot of craftspeople on Craigslist say they’re just selling handmade items, right?

Some are. But I have found many crafts that are completely hand crafted by people who have their hands inside a sewing machine.

So you’re saying they’re hand made?

Yes, and by many different people.

A lot of craftspeople like this — they make things for themselves and then sell them. Are we talking about small items?

In some cases it’s small pieces of clothing or shoes or things like that. But I’m talking about very large items, which means a boat, a house, an office.

I don’t see too many people like you sell things for themselves because of the amount of work involved.

Not a good idea.

And why are people doing it?

There are many reasons. You think you make something in a certain kind of way, but you actually don’t. Maybe you need to make something easier, or to buy something, it’s too expensive to do it yourself.


You need money to make it. And so you feel that you’re wasting time.

But that’s not always the case.

Many craftspeople don’t make it on purpose. But I have been able to make it on purpose.

Are they happy doing it?

Yes. They come to me, I look them in the eye. But they usually want something better than what I’m giving them.

What do you think about people who do it for people?

Because it’s the only way.

If you were a seller on Craigslist you’d get a lot of good reviews.


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Why do people think that?

Because there’s money involved. So many craftspeople will come to me with a good idea, but they don’t have what I need, so they end up selling it on craigslist. I’ve actually gotten many good comments on people who make the stuff themselves and sell it. But in many cases, they’re selling that stuff in stores — if they can’t make it themselves, they sell it in stores.

But, they don’t come

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