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Crafts have long played as important sources of innovation throughout the industrial revolution and the modern age. Whether making things for profit or personal use, there will never be another kind of design for which the tools of the age can provide the means to produce. To that end, the most popular crafts are often those that are best served by tools, patterns and equipment of the era. Here are our favorite craft trends that you can expect to see on the world stage in the next couple of years.

Rough Wood

Rough wood is primarily used for furniture, furniture fabrication and industrial purposes. The traditional use of rough wood for furniture was not invented in the 1800s—it was used throughout the first three centuries of industrialization. Over time, however, other types of wood have been used for furniture as well as other uses and the term became “rough wood.”

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Modern day rough wood is most commonly found as planks, sheeting or plywood and is most often found in homes where many of the furnishings are not made with solid lumber. Since this rough wood offers a greater amount of surface area than solid wood, the more materials a home uses, the more economical it becomes. The use of this lumber comes at a cost, though, not only because of the cost of raw materials but also because of the fact that the lumber tends to rust. The more wood it is used to make something, the more expensive it gets.

Rough wood has always appealed to me because it can be cut into various shapes, such as triangles, squares, discs and even round blocks. It is also more durable than more traditional wood. I use rough wood for everything from woodworking to projects that require a lot of strength for woodworking. It makes for an incredibly versatile material and I’ve built countless pieces of furniture with this grain throughout my home. If you’re interested in doing some interesting craft projects with rough wood, check out my Rough Wood Project Ideas.

Carpenter’s Square

You’ll find countless pieces of furniture made out of Carpenter’s square today. Whether used on the inside of your cabin, a deck, or a wall, these square forms offer flexibility to create a large or small piece of furniture. You can use these shapes for both exterior and interior applications. Carpenter’s square forms are also commonly used for decorative purposes in homes, and are more commonly made when materials are abundant. The modern shape of these squares allows for easy movement and the addition of decorative elements without creating any structural problems

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