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Carmen Sandiego-Bennett, head of consumer insight at GfK’s marketing department, says that women in their 20s are most likely to start buying craft beer, craft cocktails and craft beer-flavoured drinks.

“When women enter the workforce, they’re more likely to start the brand,” she says. “For women in their twenties, they’re already familiar with craft beer brands and are also looking to buy brands with the same image.”


Tiny Tiles (formerly called TileDots) are game tiles, not graphics for the game.

Tiny Tiles are a tileset from the 2D side-scroller genre, most often found in arcade games.

Tiles are usually made by hand from a single sheet of plastic, with few or no modifications. Some are also hand assembled with little instructions.

These tiles can easily be cut or painted on various surface materials such as cardboard, wood, concrete, metal (both smooth and rough), or even plastic. Many are shaped just like real tiles.

The original designs of the tiles can be found at

I was surprised that, on the day after the election, one of the headlines of Breitbart (which I’m pretty sure nobody read) ran on the subject of what Obama could do “to help blacks” (because apparently the story was being kept from people who could be swayed by it). So I did some Googling.

It turns out, “helpful” doesn’t really mean anything. Here’s what a few of the people I consulted had to say:

When you say “help blacks” in a post about African-Americans you are literally saying that “it is important to help blacks, as blacks are important.”

“Why does this matter?”

“Black people are not that important so it isn’t necessary to fix the problems of other races (or anyone else for that matter).”

As someone who doesn’t think much about race, I am a little confused here. But don’t get me wrong, being a racist is one thing. The problem is that you are using the words “helping” and “black” in such a simplistic way that it’s pretty clear that your whole point is that it is important to help blacks.

In this post I was not attempting to make light of

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