What handmade items are in demand? – Custom Woodworking Business Card Design

We have created a list of the top handmade items you should look for today! There is no exact recipe for the perfect handmade item and it depends on many factors, but here are some suggested ingredients you should be aware of and have handy:

Stems & Lumber

Weaving & Textiles

Wood & Wools

Coffee & Tea


Glue & Supplies




We love the idea of using a craft shop locally and this is what led us to build a DIY shop in Portland, Oregon. Our new shop has a full service production kitchen, a sewing machine, a hand press, a basting press, a wood carver and more!

How many handmade products are there in the U.S.?

We estimate that there are 20 million Americans, or about 18%. Of that amount, nearly 20,000 small and independent craft shops employ over 150,000 working artists, makers and craftsmen. We count over 8,000 handmade products each year sold for the average household.

What is the current cost of handmade product prices?

The cost of handmade products has come down dramatically. For example, in 1950 $2.25 would have been the cost for two hand-held cameras to produce a single roll of film. Today you have to pay $5 to produce a pound of film. The trend is to get more affordable price point for many household items. We also know that there is a lot to learn about manufacturing and craftsmanship. We work closely with industry experts to learn more about the differences between handmade and machine made products.

What are your plans to grow our business?

Our plan for growth is to expand our footprint in the Portland area with the addition of the new Craft Supply Center. We plan to open two new Craft Supply Centers: one at Central Avenue in Newport (near Portland State University) and one at Northwest University (near PSU). Our goal is to continue growing our online store and expanding our store in Beaverton.

How are local craft supply locations different from online crafts stores?

Online craft stores usually use distributors to sell their items. They have very low margins and must rely on the product being sold to make sales and profits. This gives local craft stores a very competitive edge. Local craft stores only sell their products directly to the customer, meaning every order is completed with the individual who purchased it. When buyers search local craft

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