What handmade wood items sell best?

We like to think of them as hand-crafted furniture or objects, but we can’t promise the authenticity of the wood used in the item. This might vary by a few percent between pieces, but that’s really just an estimate. The majority of this list of great handmade wood goods comes from woodsy blogs. And this one includes some classic woodworking books about traditional woodworking and how to make an instrument out of wood. Check out our picks for the best handmade wood items of 2015.

Bamboo – I used to work with bamboo and it was my favorite way to create things. But one of the biggest issues with bamboo is poor environmental impact. If you take bamboo out of its native habitat, it takes a long time and it will harm wildlife. In the United States, there is a lot of demand for bamboo in furniture making because it is a versatile and sustainable fiber. But the only way to get it to the market is through some fairly long and difficult processes. I like the idea of using bamboo in the kitchen for a couple of purposes. The first is being a substitute for real wood. Second I use it to use the bamboo as a substitute for recycled wood, which is pretty environmentally friendly. So, this list of amazing handcrafted bamboo furniture pieces from home and design bloggers is a great way to experience what is possible with bamboo.

Tennis Court – For as many reasons as there are tennis courts at your house, I believe that wood would make an excellent substitute. It has amazing potential because it is easy to manipulate, easy to work with and easy to transport. I love how easy it seems to be to get the woody goodness in these unique court items.

Table – This one is a little more esoteric because I’m not sure if I would call it handcrafted, but it is definitely something a DIY artist would like to work with wood and possibly even create furniture from. And this is just a little bit of inspiration for some inspiration. I will keep you posted on the progress as I move along this list. Let us know how you feel about these handcrafted wooden items!

Beads – Not all beads are handcrafted like this one because no matter what the country you happen to live in or what your taste is in art, you can’t have enough beads. Most beads that you see on the market can only be made with bamboo that is used for construction but you can find it in many different colors. These beads are a great alternative to buying the real thing when you go