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A good name does not need to be a word or phrase but instead a term that has a meaning associated with it. For example: A good name for a woodworking or plumbing business might be “The Woodshop”. The meaning of a good name has nothing to do with the material it’s used for but rather the value it creates for the customer. For example, if every one uses the word “chinoiserie”, it would be considered a business that does not meet most customers needs and does not serve their needs. A good name also has no impact on the value or quality of a product. The value of a product is defined by its value to its consumer and how it could be used and valued from that point of view.

Are certain types of names illegal?

As many businesses have different types of names, names such as:


Chinoiserie (Noun)

Chinoiserie (Pronoun)

Chinoiserie (Verb)

Chinoiserie (Noun)

Chinoiserie (Verb)

Chinoiserie (Noun)

Abandoned Cottage

Abandoned Cottage with tree

All of these are considered illegal in France. When a French business signs a new business plan, it is usually referred to as a “Chinoiserie”.

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Are there rules about legal names and types of business names?

There are certain rules and regulations on legal or illegal names of businesses. Some of these concerns about legal names are mentioned below:

Do legal names matter?

According to RĂ©alisme, legal names can have legal or illegal meaning, depending on their legal context. A good legal name should not be so obvious that it prevents a client from learning its legal context. But, if the legal implications are ambiguous, people may not be informed about what the name does (such as how it relates to the real business).

For example, if a lawyer is required to name a specific branch of a law firm, this would be done legally, because the legal context allows for certain names. There is no prohibition against using “law firm” and “lawyer” but it is advisable to use a less obvious legal name (so it is not obvious what law firm a lawyer is a relation to).

So, a lawyer that works at a law firm that has branches in

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