What is the best craft to make money? – Starting A Wood Furniture Business

Craft is so much more than making money. If I’m being honest, I’m more interested in creating value than making money. I don’t want to sell something that I made myself. I want to make others want/need it.

Do craft projects cost a lot? No. The only thing that costs money is time — getting there, setting up things, and finishing everything. A lot of these things don’t even take that long, unless you’re creating something that would require years to create, or if you work for several years at a time.

Do craft projects pay you at all? Yes. There are tons of people that have made more money making craft projects instead of selling anything. For example, if you were to sell a few items that you made — from an easy craft like sewing a blanket together, to something like leather shoes, you could make a ton of money, and the money you make could be invested for many years for yourself.

Do you have any advice to anyone considering a career in craft? To not take yourself too seriously, but keep in mind that life is not about having everything handed to you on a plate, just because you have some skill or talent. Keep in mind that you’re not even doing anything that you enjoy, you’re just making yourself a lot of money.

What has your favorite craft ever made you feel satisfied with? I always think back to when I was younger — and I’d be lying if I said that the first craft I did was really good. It was always pretty dull, so it took me a while to get to the point where my favorite was something I really learned and wanted to try. I just like making things that make me feel good about myself.

What is your best advice to a new or aspiring craftster? You really have to find some inspiration and work hard to try and do things that you know you’ll like — make it yourself rather than taking someone else’s idea.

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