What is the best wood to make an outdoor sign?

In the past I have used the following options:




Butterfly board

Flat rock


Butterfly net


Cable fence



I have also used plastic, but I found it made for uneven footing and more fragile signs since the boards were smaller. As for a wood sign, I am currently leaning towards using acrylic but this has become increasingly difficult because the plastic is thin on most boards and so the plastic becomes quite fragile if it breaks and you are using it in any large quantities.

If you do decide to use wooden signs, I suggest either having extra boards of the same thickness so you can make the sign larger, adding some board to hold it in place for more stability; or a piece of 3mm plywood and a board of thinner plywood, and make a 3 metre long, 15-1/2 by 15 metre board.

What about adding up all the sign sizes of your sign, before buying all the materials?

The above mentioned method is more expensive but it provides the best results. One drawback is there might be an extra layer of board beneath the plastic to hold your sign in place. A common technique is to drill a hole through the centre of the plastic before adding any boards but this gives the plastic a rough surface and it should also break when put in a strong breeze such as from a rainstorm. Another method is to drill the holes so deep that they would be out of sight when the rubber is put on. This method tends to be very expensive.

For signs made out of vinyl, I prefer to use a 3mm plywood piece for that is thicker than my usual 1mm. The plywood has a nice smooth finish and the rubber has a good smooth surface to it. I’m still unsure of the best rubber to use, but the ‘standard’ brand of plastic doesn’t have enough grip for the large sizes of signs I use.

When you buy all the materials, do you have a standard sign you use?

No. I use what seems like an average size sign and then glue down the ‘standard’ type of sign in the same way I would with my other signs. I put it on my balcony and it is up there. The problem with having a ‘standard’ type of sign is the boards are quite small and so you cannot use the sign on the