What is the most expensive item on Etsy?

This question is asked all the time and I haven’t been able to give an answer. If you’re new to making patterns, I think the answer is actually easy. I have bought items that I was quite proud of and I just bought one of those. It’s a great pair of shoes. I am not selling something for a lot of money because it’s too expensive. You’ll never find a shoe with that much design going for less than $100 or $200 in a store (unless you can buy them on eBay).

To make it easier to find an answer, I’ve done a little list of the cost of some of the items on Etsy. What items are on the list? It may seem like a short list but it’s really helpful at keeping track of what’s expensive and in what categories.

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Fleece Pants $15.95

These fleece pants come in four different sizes and have the perfect amount of stretch. It is a nice quality fleece and has a very subtle, yet flattering look. These are really a staple for women who want to dress well for any occasion but especially weddings so you can get away with having a few more layers.

Pants of Your Mom $16.95

These are not a staple to most people’s clothing collection but if yours is, you’ll love this! They come in several styles and are the perfect size for most women. These are also just lovely! Great for any occasion because they are soft and easy to keep tidy. The only thing I can see keeping them from being in the top five in terms of price is if you’re buying them in bulk they’ll be in a slightly smaller size. Otherwise if you can, grab a few to size them.

Pants of My Mom $5.95

These are another great item that you’ll definitely want to have for women who want to wear some stretch at all times. They come in sizes up to 26 inches in length so if you just can’t decide which pair of pants to wear you’ll be able to get a few options to match. They are really simple to work with however when they’re too large for you, they’re not a great choice.

Hoodies $14.95

These are another great option for women who find the longer length in their size a little cumbersome. I’m 6 feet 4 inches tall, 175 pounds, with narrow shoulders, short back, broad shoulders, and long legs. My mother had