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I see.

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So you started Etsy and made a business?

Yes. I started this thing called Etsy. There was no plan. It wasn’t something that was born out of the idea that you could put it on Etsy and be able to sell more stuff. No one ever thought, “Let’s get people to shop on Etsy.” I had one idea, and here I am selling it on Etsy. But in my spare time I was thinking to myself, “How can I help Etsy?” I didn’t feel like there was any place for me in the world.

Why did you decide to sell something on Etsy in the first place?

I had a couple different ideas about what this thing I was selling on Etsy would grow. There was the idea that I’d sell it for about 12 bucks, for people who were into handmade, and maybe they would sell it for, say, $1 or $30 depending on who their friends are and what their other products are. Then there was the idea that I’d have people who got excited by vintage, stuff, and who might be interested in that. And then there were the other things like, “Who wants to be part of the Etsy community.” What made me think about selling on Etsy the first time was when I looked at the total number of items on Etsy. I realized that people are putting up a couple thousand things on this website every day.

There’s a lot of competition out there in this marketplace. Are you doing any kind of marketing?

Not at all. All I have is a little thing. My Etsy storefront doesn’t even have a name. Just “Etsy.” Because that could potentially be misconstrued as selling something and turning a profit, and that would be a violation of Etsy’s terms of service. But, I’m not doing anything marketing.

Did you set foot in a shop?

I put together a shop in a couple of evenings and just put up some product. I put together like a “gift shop,” in order to sell stuff, I know, to someone who has a sweetheart who’s into handmade gear. So, I put my stuff up for sale and a couple of other people offered to ship stuff. And we ended up selling about 30 things, that’s 20 bucks a piece.

Did you sell enough to make a little money, or did

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