What sells most on Etsy?

Anything you design for yourself.

And that’s a really strong signal to your customers. I really love that you want to build something for yourself!

And when I tell people about the people I work with at my company, they usually start asking, “How do I sell myself?” And it’s not too many people can answer that. Etsy is a place where you can build something for yourself, and when people hear that, it’s just going to build in more confidence.

How do you make sure your Etsy listings get noticed?

I definitely look at each listing to see where it is in the marketplace. Does it fit what a customer is looking for? Is it interesting?

Once I’ve determined that something is going to sell well, it’s super important to make sure that it does, and the sales are high enough.

I want it to be the one that’s going to draw someone who’s not into my type of craft, but they’re intrigued.

And I really try to make sure I put out a lot of great listings for newbies, because it’s a lot more work for them. They have to have lots of research and preparation. I make sure that listing is unique, and that the color scheme works with the site.

And I have a ton of listings that are in the 10 or 20% that I really see for newbies. But the big ones you want to make sure are ones that do really well and have good reviews.

What’s the biggest mistake people make? What is it that they don’t understand about selling something?

I just talk to all of my sellers. I talk to my marketing, sales and sales leads. That’s the big thing that I do – I speak to a lot of different departments.

It’s just so important to me to go talk to my buyers and my buyers’ partners if I haven’t already done that, so they’re super focused on the value of everything.

And then once I find that, I give them a lot of space in the shop description. It’s so important for them to get that sense of what a listing is and why you have that item.

There is no point selling something if you don’t have a good story to tell.

Tell me more about how you manage your time on Etsy. You only have to look at your page on Etsy as an example of that.

I really focus on finding and building unique listings