What should I build and sell?

At the moment of writing, there are a few possible things we are thinking about adding to the platform:



Lists & Ratings


We do want to add some new features in the near future and to do that, we’ll have to come to a point where everything is working without any problems. If you enjoy sharing videos, podcasts and chatrooms with your friends, you should consider investing in a platform for it.

What can I buy on the platform?

We intend to offer a set of features that we hope will make the users really happy and not only to make money. We are also willing to make this a paid service.

The goal is not to make us rich but just to improve our platform. The goal is not so long, it is just one of many that are needed for this platform. We want to start with a solid foundation like our first product, but we want to build on it so the future of our ecosystem can be great. There are many opportunities for us to add new things to our product offering and I expect that you’ll come along with us on this journey as well.
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You can see the price list and details on the pricing page here:

Can I use the platform to make trades?

The answer is yes! Since the platform is based on Bitcoin Cash you can’t use it to buy, sell or hold Bitcoins or other cryptos.

Do you want to help?

We could use any help we can get from you guys, we have big plans for the future and a lot of things to do but if you feel something about what we are doing, please leave a comment here or tweet with the keyword #bitcoindoas.



We would also like to take a minute and thank everyone at TMC for their support. We are glad to have you on this journey and to know that we are doing the best we can to help the entire Bitcoin cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.

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