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With the introduction of iOS 6, the new Apple operating system provides an option for users to change the keyboard layout for use with third party applications. Now we can check whether iOS 6 works for our keyboard in Safari. It is really simple to do.

First of all, you must have downloaded an iDevice from here. Then, you need to connect it to your computer via Wifi or Ethernet adapter. Then you will have to install a keyboard plugin on your iDevice. Open the iOS Settings on your iDevice and check the “Keyboard” box.

After doing that, your device should be displaying two lines at the top: “Enable third-party keyboard” and “Allow third-party keyboard”. Both are unchecked by default. Once done, you can download a keyboard for your iPhone and iPad by clicking on the link below.

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The U.S. Navy has issued a request for proposals for new amphibious assault ships, an attempt to modernize the U.S. Navy’s “shitty” fleet by replacing cruisers and destroyers with faster, higher-end warships.

The Navy is seeking shipyards and other engineering firms to build three designs that will serve as the basis for future vessels: an amphibious assault ship, a “modernized escort” for ships deployed to the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea, and a replacement warship for the aging U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt.

The Navy wants to keep the ships in service through 2060 rather than retiring them — though it wants to modernize them in that time period and keep them out of the hands of competitors.

The warship requirements are for three classes of roughly 40-foot-long ships, designed to take to sea by 2036 and be able to fight amphibious, mine-laying, air defense and anti-submarine missions.

The first two vessels will provide escorts for ships in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. They will be built by Newport News Shipbuilding for $8.3 billion and by Huntington Ingalls Industries for $6.4 billion.

And as part of the process, the new ships will be built on shipyards, rather than off-shore facilities. The Navy plans to buy about 2,500 of the small, single-purpose ships and the small, multi-purpose ships