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I usually go with solid wood because it’s easier and less complicated. I have a few woodworking tools laying around, and I’ll probably buy one of those eventually. Some people like to build their own table legs by hand and buy them for a few hundred dollars, though I personally don’t like working with the glue sticks so I don’t have that luxury (which would put me at a huge disadvantage because I live in a high-rise apartment). Some people prefer to build cabinets out of flat stone for aesthetic reasons (I don’t personally have that interest) and some people build out of wood to save money on supplies. I don’t like buying pre-drilled wood, but I really need to buy some nails to finish out some of my woodworking work since I’m only using a half an inch in diameter. There will be things I’ll do on my own if I don’t have a plan or some help from a friend, but with a plan and/or help from some good friends, you can get pretty ambitious. You can also make some custom furniture out of various woods as well, which is a super cool experience if you’re into that kind of thing. Do I need to get some furniture that is easy to move around, or do I just need some sort of a storage area? Yes, there is room for all three. If I need to move lots of stuff around, like more cabinets, I’ll probably have to buy some shelving/bench support stuff. I like buying lots of support items because I’m going to be making cabinets for a very long time, and I want to keep the design going long after everything else is done (it’s better to have something in there than nothing in there). If I need to move something really fast and need a lot of support, I’ll probably get a bunch of stuff for that, like drawers to hold things that take up a lot of space, a desk or storage cabinet, or something else that will help me move the stuff. I haven’t built furniture from the ground up in a while, though, so I don’t have a lot in storage right now. What about cabinets and doors? You need a ton of different accessories when you’re making furniture, but I’m not sure how many doors you really need. If you only really need a few cabinets, you may be able to get away with something that’s a little lower quality that is built from plywood (like a regular kitchen table). I personally use my tables pretty well, but I
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