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There was talk of whether or not Steve Ballmer was going to buy the Los Angeles Clippers. Then he did and he didn’t want to move them, but he wasn’t just going to buy them because he likes them, he’s an investor in his hometown team.

He loves them and feels they’ve been underachieving and underpaid on and off the court and thinks they need a new GM and coach. He’s the biggest fan in the league in so many ways and also has a large financial stake in the franchise.

He wants the Clippers to start winning, that’s where his loyalty lies and it wasn’t going to come with a buyout. He’s going to let them compete this season and the fans are going to help them get there.

“It was a very simple process of getting the right person in place, not letting them make the decision and letting the person make the decision,” Harkley said “But if we could have the team there and be able to win the championship, let’s go for it. When it comes down to it, it’s about winning.”

When the New Hampshire primary will take place on Tuesday, the first-term Democratic senator from the Granite State will again run for president.

But this time, Hillary Clinton will not be sitting in the front row – she’s sitting down with her campaign as the party prepares to choose between a political novice and a proven, national contender in the unlikely role of presidential standard bearer.

Clinton, 53, is expected to face Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders – the liberal firebrand who trails in the polls but is a clear front-runner – in what has been billed as the most important first-ballot battleground.

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Sanders’s unlikely ascendancy into the Democratic Party’s lead has fueled excitement for the New Hampshire Primary, which is the last on the calendar and could have a powerful effect on the race for the White House.

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“The people of New Hampshire are not so quick to change. And I think there are some people who are going to be nervous, probably, that we’ve got a pretty solid establishment candidate here,” said Peter Fenn, the director of South Carolina-based research firm WMUR, which conducts polling for the state’s Democratic party.

New Hampshire’s Democratic party chair, state Sen.

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