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You must be able to explain why you’re making a particular wood product. Your woodworking product needs to have characteristics that will attract an eager customer – your ideal customer. If you can’t explain your product, we won’t carry it.

You should also have a good story, preferably something that relates to the woods you’re making (wood is one of the most commonly used materials for woodworking). Many customers don’t understand why they buy a particular brand of wood, so a good story and a product that fits the customer’s needs can put wood on the map.

How should I package woodworking products?

As a first step, you should put woodwork items in a box, with the product name on one side and a description of the product in large letters on the other. The box should be at least 12 by 24 inches (30 by 58 cm), be lined with bubble wrap, and be padded with foam to protect the contents.

Packaging is important for many reasons:

It protects the wood products from handling and abuse

It gives time to prepare, store and ship the wood products (in the US, this can be as little as 28 days or as much as two years)
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It provides the business with some time to establish a relationship with customers

The box can be used to store the wood products when they’re shipped to the customer

If you don’t package woodworking products, be sure to add the appropriate shipping charges using the shipping label you use for your supplies. If you use a label from Cabelas, check if they charge an additional fee as they charge for your own packaging and shipping.

How long should I store my woodworking products?

It’s not important which type of wood you choose, but remember to store your products in cool, dry, airy conditions. Store your woodworking products in the garage (in an area protected from direct sunlight), attic, or outdoors in the sun. If you store your woodworking equipment in a vehicle, ensure it will not be exposed to harsh conditions for more than a couple of weeks.

If the wood you use for building your house or a shop is already being used for something else, you may want to use it to make something entirely of wood instead. That makes your woodworking products more valuable.

What should I do for a home repair?

When it comes to making repair kits from woodworking supplies, you need to know your wood.

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