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When you take woodworking to the next level, you need all-around tools that will make your woodworking projects better. In a year or so, I hope to put together a set of “All-Around Tools” that covers the essentials—you’ll find everything we recommend on a couple of other pages of this site.

What if I don’t have any of what you suggest?

If you don’t have the equipment, we’re happy to help with any other suggestions you have for a woodworking project or a product you’re considering. We’ll even add a link to our website to help you find what you need, and in return give you a special 10% discount from the product.

What should I be looking for in a great all-around tool to start with?

When you choose a tool, keep in mind your current needs, what you’d prefer to do with it, and what you can’t live without. If you prefer to use a jigsaw instead of a table saw, or if you’re not very comfortable with a jigsaw, then you probably won’t find the type of all-around tool you need with us (unless we have it!).

You can make a case that if you don’t own a jigsaw you should buy one and start out with it—the benefits to you are obvious. There’s nothing worse than trying to learn all the “godsend” techniques that people claim to be using on a regular basis for free, only to find out they’re all garbage.

However, if you don’t have access to a jigsaw, you may have an ideal all-around tool that makes your projects faster, easier, and more efficient. Take a look at our tools below.

We recommend the following:

All-around jig (a.k.a. “tweezers” or “rabbit-foot”)

This combination of jig, table saw blade, and scrapers works for any woodworking project we do. It allows you to quickly do small tasks in a way you could not earlier (or less efficiently). The tools are designed for the average jointer, while most of our products are designed for the pros. You’ll often hear them referred to as “tweezers,” and we hope that makes all the difference. We use two brands, one made by JBS and one by Woodworker’s Supply (both American brands). You don’t want a “t

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