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They’re extremely dangerous, even for kids, because they put your hands and feet in unnecessary pain. A rip cut is particularly bad for a child because it’s a major muscle injury,” says Dr. David DeCicco of the Cleveland Clinic. “I’ve seen rip cuts that are the size of quarters or even smaller. It’s not like you can just grab a cloth and use you’re shoe to hold it in. You can’t really feel pain through even the cut.”

You Need To Know:

• It’s Not Just About The Groin

If you have a rip tear, it’s only about the part of your leg that isn’t directly involved in the cutting. When you cut a person’s leg, it affects the back of the thigh — a part of the body that’s not directly involved. It’s not quite as big or as bad as it seems.

• You May Not Feel Pain After Your Rip Cut

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This depends on the severity of your injury. It’s best to call someone — even if you just got poked in the eye while trying to clean out a bathroom cabinet — to help you deal with your injury for at least 12 to 24 hours.

• It Is Really Bad For Your Wrist

Rip cuts usually happen if you’re accidentally hit by a sharp object — like a brick or rock. If something sharp causes a rip tear to form, it’s quite common for a lot of folks to feel some kind of pain at the wound. This could include twitching, burning, stiffness or twitching.

Rip Cut Surgery: What You Need to Know

It Takes Three Days to Recover After a Rip Cut

Rip cuts heal very quickly, if at all. So after a few days, you can walk and eat normally. You may not be able to get a crutch until about three months after the injury, though.

Because your leg is so heavily loaded with fat, you can have a harder time healing after it’s a rip tear. You won’t be able to bend your leg, push things off of the bed, or have strong muscles that could help you in anything for another three months.

And even after this six-month mark goes by — the period of time after an injury, after your recovery period — you won’t be quite back as close to normal as you’d like to be back.

You Can’t Play Soccer or Hockey After Your Rip Cut

You can still skate

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