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Why should I care more about the hair or make up?

I’ll address one common concern about this and then address three more:

1, Hair and Make Up Can Be More Deadly

Shaving or chopping down your mane and then applying a styling cream or powder to reduce it can be an effective technique for preventing razor burn or for reducing the appearance of sharp edges to the hair. There are many other ways to manage hair and make up.

The bottom line is that both hair and make-up come in many forms—and both are often used in less than optimal ways. In addition to reducing risk of razor burn, hair-care products also may have negative effects on your skin. It’s important to understand the facts so you can make an informed decision about the products that could have the greatest impact on your health.

2, Make-Up Can Cause Skin To Darken

Another common misconception about lip-gloss is that it causes skin to darken. But it isn’t true. The more important part of this is that it is often applied more aggressively than the shaving technique—meaning it is probably better to avoid shaving your face with lip-gloss than with a razor. It can also be irritating or even irritating to the skin over time.

In addition to helping to keep your face shiny, lip-gloss can also brighten skin. You may not think you would, but even small amounts of it in your makeup can do the trick.
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3, Makeup Can Make Your Skin More Damaged

While most beauty products are very safe, it is important to remember that lip-gloss can irritate the skin or make its texture less matte. Even if you are careful, if you apply the product in too severe a way, it can be enough to darken dark spots, scars, cuts or scars that didn’t have them before.

You could also apply too much of a product that will darken the skin around your eyes or your skin around the neck. This is especially dangerous if you are applying lip-gloss to a skin-colored eye. To avoid this, always use lip-gloss in a small amount.

Lip-gloss is not a magic bullet for all of your skin-care woes, but it is an easy and safe treatment for many skin problems. It’s possible that some of the skin-care products you use everyday will cause more harm to your skin than good. It all comes

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