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Here’s a handy little chart you might’ve seen on TV. I know I haven’t. It’s actually a handy little chart I’ve come up with.

A great many of the Ripcut clips in this post have come from, if you want more information about the site, check this out.

All I’m doing is listing the videos based on the number of comments and viewers they receive. That way, when you visit the site, you can see how the clip was perceived by its audience, then pick one for yourself.

So, to get you started, here are some of the most popular reviews in the RipCut archive for this season.

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1. Go for one good shot every time

2. Take your time

3. No need to worry about getting shot or getting caught with your pants down!

The only people that are going to get shot if you go for a shot are the ones that are too scared to do what you want!

The first time that you use your pistol, you will see that you have no need to worry about getting shot!

Try it yourself. Just shoot a good shot in the right spot before going down! Then go for it again!

Now you have learned the most important lesson of all.

4. There’s no such thing as a bad shot

All you have to does is to take a good shot and get the job done!


In Aries

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