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If yes, when?”

Mr Jones was the first person to contact the UK’s security services after Edward Snowden revealed that the US National Security Agency monitored millions of phone and email conversations.

He was charged with the offence of leaking confidential material in January and is currently on bail awaiting a case on 28 March.

He has since received £250,000 in bail, more than double his previous legal budget.

Mr Jones had reportedly paid £5,000 of that bail to cover legal costs from the original charges.

His solicitor Mr Jones has been the subject of an inquiry into what his client’s relationship with the security and intelligence services was, the BBC has learned.

With the release of Unity 5.5, most of us had expected that the open source project was the big winner in the next milestone release. After all, the Unity 5.0 release was the only major new version in a new major release cycle. However, Unity 5.5 has actually been a good step forward for the open source community in the past year.
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In fact, all three open source project maintainers are actually pleased with Unity 5.5. That includes the developers of the Unity Asset Store, a popular website, with the Asset Store itself celebrating the 5.5 milestone by adding new features. Unity is now supported by an official Linux distribution, Debian, through a binary distribution and the Asset Store now support third party plugins.

All of the above can be found to some degree within Unity itself. The developer community is now well-rounded and stable and there are also new features added and fixed to Unity itself like audio and camera controls. We also see a significant jump into the Android version of Unity as well. And one of the many things that is new about Unity 5.5 is the ability to integrate with third party tools in your projects for a smoother workflow, or just to try something new. Unity’s recent 5.1 release included the ability to create a Unity project from source code, which is very similar. Unity 5.5 adds Unity’s own project templates, Asset Store and Unity Editor, even though Unity 5.0 did not include a preview of Unity’s new Unity Package Service.

So, what can be expected from Unity 5.6 in the coming days?

Unity 5.5 will also include improvements for the upcoming VR support for the Unity Web Player – currently in beta – which is also in the 5.5 release. For now, the VR support has been limited to

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